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 As many of you have noticed, Pet Botanics has recently changed the packaging on all of the treats (Training Rewards & Healthy Omega Treats) and on the Rolled Dog Food to match the introduction if the new Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Gourmet dry dog food.

For most retailers this is a soft changeover: as they run out of the old packaging, they receive the new package. This can be a little confusing because there may be two different packages on the shelf at the same time. It doesn’t affect the freshness of the product if the stores are rotating their stock.

The flavors will be the same color in all categories. For example, if your dog likes Chicken best, you will always look for the light blue package whether it’s a Healthy Omega treat, a Training Reward, the Rolled Dog Food or the dry dog food.

Hopefully everyone notices the Pet Botanics Logo, the name of the products, and the messaging on the packages – haven’t changed. The new packaging makes a consistent brand message and should help everyone find the products their dogs like most.

Below are some “morphed” images that show how the products will transition from the old look to the new look. Feel free to tell us what you think on our FaceBook page: Pet Botanics