Botanifits Band

The BotaniFits band is a group of 8 California rescue dogs all saved and trained by Second Hand Souls Rescue. Each dog represents a different BotaniFit in both appearance and attitude. Like every band of musicians they face long hours in the recording studio, high-energy video shoots and the stress of touring. But this band eats a healthy grain-free diet so they’re strong and energized and ready to face the spotlight.

Kai is a 10 month old Rough Coated Collie who plays Green Tea. Kai was one of three puppies relinquished to the rescue when the owners could no longer house them. Kai is a very serious puppy who loves to play and tries to herd the other small animals at the ranch. Kai loves working on set-unfortunately he still gets car sick so he tries to sleep as much as possible on the tour bus. He loves wrestling, bird-watching and can’t get enough Pet Botanics Omega Treats because they keep his rough coat soft and shiny.

Fresh and funky Peppermint is played by Cooper an 18 month old English Yellow Lab male. Cooper began his professional life at 7 weeks of age in a Budweiser commercial and hasn't looked back! A huge lap dog at 105 pounds, he plays non stop! Lately Cooper has taken up dock diving, a competitive sport where he jumps into water to pursue toys. He still maintains Amateur status but hopes to go pro one day after he gives the music scene a shot.

Snickers, the Cranberry is a calm and sweet 3 year old Dalmatian female. She was discovered in a foreclosed property locked in the garage with no food or water. She was truly a skeleton and very fearful of people. Soon her remaining health issues were resolved by finding the right diet to help control her acid reflux and ulcers, Snickers has considered going solo but has reservations about leaving the rest of the crew. She loves to play the Cranberry because, let’s face it, red is her color!

Bob is a 4 year old English Bulldog male that was relinquished by his owners when they could no longer care for his deteriorating health. He came to the rescue with extreme skin infections, cherry eyes, ear infections and chronic diarrhea. After months of care, change of diet, exercise and a very active and enriching social life, Bob has made a full recovery and is a happy, well-adjusted dog. He loves to love, snore, and beg for food in between naps. While he has trouble pronouncing it, he is excited to be playing Yucca Schidigera because he feels it is the most underrated and misunderstood of the BotaniFits.

Chamomile is played by the magnetic Dacianna a 10 month Timber Wolf/Malamute cross female. She was part of a hoarding seizure where many had to be euthanized. She was very fearful and emaciated when she came as a young puppy. The previous owners fed her bizarre foods and very poor grade dog food.

As a result she was nutritionally starved at a critical time of her development. Dacianna is rumored to be dating one of the “Game of Thrones” Dire Wolves, although she refuses to comment on the rumors.

Taco, the Dandelion, is a 2 year old Chihuahua found wandering the streets with another tiny Chihuahua, both with dog fight injuries. Taco is our newest rescue and this was the first time she has been out in public since her rescue. She will make someone a wonderful best friend and is available for adoption. Because she’s new to the band, Taco relies on Pet Botanics Training Rewards to keep her focused and learning. She lists Lil’ Kim and Idina Menzel as her biggest musical influences.

Misha is a 4 year old French Bulldog who plays Rosemary. She ran into some health problems after she was used for excessive breeding and was given to Second Hand Souls to recover and find a forever home. Her ears are permanently scarred and will not stand up anymore. She is a sweet dog who gets along with all creatures including toddlers and cats! She is incredibly tolerant and loves attention. Misha is looking for her lifetime home!

Billy the Kid- is a 3 yr old French Bulldog and a natural fit for the Blueberry role with his delicate skin and his ability to work well with pancakes. Billy is a picky eater and relies on Pet Botanics Dog Food Rolls to spice up his daily kibble.