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The Smell Of Focus

Training doesn’t start when a dog sits - it starts when a dog is attentive and ready to work! This may seem impossible to achieve, especially with a hyperactive pup. To get the instant focus required for learning, the best way to a dog’s brain is through his nose. A great taste and palpability are important to be sure, but the intense canine sense of smell wins out instantly when trying to command concentration with a treat.

Dogs rely on their sense of smell far more heavily than people do. It’s estimated that dogs can identify scents 1000 – 10,000 times more efficiently than humans. On the other hand, humans have a far better sense of taste than our canine companions. This suggests that a dog’s sense of taste and desire for a food (or treat) is far more reliant on the smell than ours is.

For dogs, no scent (or taste) compares to that of meat. In the wild, the canine diet consists of over 80% meat. Treats that are made from mostly meat or flavors extracted from meat are far more appealing than other flavors. Studies suggest that our faithful companions will seek out and hone in on the smell of meat more than any other scent.

For trainers, this means that treats with meat as the primary ingredient make the most effective rewards. The delectably meaty scent of Pet Botanics Training Rewards provides instant success when it comes to grabbing attention and keeping four-legged students targeted on the task at hand. To make sure that fixation doesn’t fade, Training Rewards are bite-sized, giving less time between snacking and returning to work. With meat as the first ingredient, they carry the savory key scent and taste dogs love.

When it’s time to train, find a distraction-free space and bring along a bag of Pet Botanics Training Rewards (don’t worry, their small size means they’ll easily fit into a pocket). These meat-filled treats are built to keep a dog’s nose happy and its attention aimed where it should be – on learning the trick at hand, or should we say at paw?