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Dog Treats VS Dog Training Rewards

Dog treats are rewarding, but dog training rewards are not treats. They’re tools used for behavior modification. This important distinction is often missed when it comes to training dogs.

Dog Treats
Dog treats are, just as the name suggests, a great way to occasionally spoil a dog. Many treats are made of tougher or chewier textures or are freezable – all to make them last longer – which would slow down or stop a training lesson. Treats can be a great way to associate a positive connection with situations that make dogs uncomfortable. For example, they can be reassuring when given during a thunder storm to distract a dog from the noise. A long-lasting dog chew will help alleviate separation anxiety when the family heads out to school or work in the morning. Made with healthy ingredients and not offered too often, these goodies are a great way to brighten a pet’s day.

There’s nothing wrong with offering a dog the occasional treat, but when it’s time for repetitive work that requires many tempting morsels to get the lesson learned, training rewards are the professional choice for obedience success.

Dog Training Rewards
Training rewards are meant for continuous rewarding while teaching dogs obedience or reinforcing a lesson. They’re smaller and easier for dogs to eat quickly so they aren’t distracted from the task at hand. Their low calorie count helps prevent dogs from gaining weight, even when given frequently. This is critically important, since repetition is an essential part of a dog’s learning process.

A good training reward should list meat as the #1 ingredient since meat motivates dogs. It should be very aromatic so the dog smells the treat and is enticed to focus on the task. It should be easy for the trainer to carry, without crumbling, so it’s always handy during training. Training rewards should be made with healthy ingredients that supplement a pet’s diet, not weigh it down. They should be irresistible enough to keep dogs motivated and focused on the task. A tasty, meaty training reward will help speed up the learning curve and make training more successful for both pet and pet parent.

Training rewards are the best tool the family has to train their dog, eliminate bad behavior and reinforce good behavior. Treats offer us a way to share our love and spoil our pets like we do our kids. They both have a purpose in the daily life of our dogs.