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Tips on Crate Training Your Dog

Last weekend I agreed to “pet sit” for friends while they took a short trip. This involved two horses, two dogs and two cats. There were two other dogs that were being “treated” to a weekend at the local dog spa, so supposedly I had it “easy!” I won’t go into the challenges of pet sitting two horses, especially when you don’t have mucking boots – or a stethoscope – that’s another story! One cat needed “calming” treats in the morning and only drank water out of a running faucet … and the other was mourning the loss of his best friend. We cuddled a lot.

The real challenge was the two dogs! They were crate trained – which is really a plus! I recommend that anyone crate train their dogs, especially large dogs – they’re much happier because they feel safe and comfortable in their home and can see everything that goes on in the room they’re in (which was the kitchen’s dining area).

For great tips on crate training, check out this video – Visit us tomorrow for the continuation of our pet sitting adventure.