Dog Treats VS Dog Training Rewards

Dog treats are rewarding, but dog training rewards are not treats. They’re tools used for behavior modification. This important distinction is often missed when it comes to training dogs.

The Smell Of Focus

Training doesn’t start when a dog sits - it starts when a dog is attentive and ready to work! This may seem impossible to achieve, especially with a hyperactive pup. To get the instant focus required for learning, the best way to a dog’s brain is through his nose.

5 Life Changing Moments For Pets

Even the happiest life changing-events bring new stress, not only to our own lives, but also to the lives of our pet companions. When home or family settings suddenly shift, consider their pet-spective.

Deal Sniffer

We have a great nose for deals, and this week’s deal from PetSmart will have you stocking up on your favorite training treats! The 20-ounce bags of Pet Botanics Training Reward Treats are $9.99 and the 4-ounce bags of Mini Training Reward Treats are just $2.99! Hurry in to your local PetSmart store today and take advantage of these great deals before they’re gone.

Dog Tails

My dog can’t decide between the two types of Pet Botanics new Meaty Treats – Crisp and Crunchy or Soft and Chewy. He tends to like the sound that the Crisp and Crunchy treats make, but he also likes the chewy texture of the Soft and Chewy treats.